Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

As we closeout a very tough year with the many challenges associated with the virus, we are very optimistic about 2021. As the holidays approach, we will not celebrate with family and friends as in a normal year, but we still are able to celebrate in creative ways, including helping those who do not have the resources. Know that God’s desire for all the world is peace. Of the four major religions, Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and Buddhism the main theme from God is peace. The interesting thing is that God allows it to be an individual decision. We can choose peace and God will grant that peace that passes all understanding.

During 2020, Habitat continued our core mission of building affordable housing. With our dedicated staff and a core of wonderful volunteers, we were able to complete a house in Long Branch, complete several ramps and a bunch of ABWK projects. Another new home was started in Long Branch and anticipate its completion by early spring. We have several more projects in line to keep our momentum going.

Our Restore had to close for several months due to Covid-19. The staff and volunteers did an incredible job in setting protocols, changing procedures, training staff, and ensuring that we all work safely. They have been doing an excellent job and have sales that surpassed our expectations!

Many of our support staff worked remotely or came in a couple days a week to make sure construction, the Restore and our partner families were provided the necessary services to keep us true to our mission.

Throughout all the challenges and hiccups our staff, our volunteers and our financial supporters have stuck with us to make 2020 a year of which we can be proud and grateful.

Thank you one and all,

Habitat for Humanity Board of Trustees & Staff

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