Thoughts of Gratitude…

In this wonderful season of Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the things we can give thanks for. We can especially be thankful for the fact that we saw another day as we awakened this morning, that we live in a country where we can worship freely, speak freely, pursue our dreams freely, assemble freely, (with proper social distancing), freely help our neighbors and freely accept help from our neighbors. This leads me to the tremendous gratitude I want to express for our Habitat family, who faced unexpected difficulties this year.

Our Habitat family faced these challenges with our typical servant heart and overcame many of them with dedication and hard work. We are so very thankful for our staff and volunteers, who despite the possible effect of their personal safety, have kept our mission moving. Our construction staff and limited volunteers have continued to work throughout the pandemic and completed construction of a home for Allahsha and her son Norman in Long Branch, and on our smaller projects and have started a new home in Long Branch. Thank you construction staff and volunteers. 
Our Restore closed in March due to the state mandate but opened as soon as it was allowed in July. The Restore staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly since reopening to have some of the best sales in our short history. Thank you Restore staff and volunteers. Our administrative staff has continued to work to support construction and the Restore. Some of them worked remotely throughout the shutdown and the rest returned in mid-July, again at risk to their own safety. Many continue to work remotely. Thank you administrative staff.Our partner families, in most cases, have continued to meet their mortgage payments. Thank you partner families.
Our mission continues as we work to acquire properties for future house builds. This would not be possible without our community of supporters – corporate partners, sponsors, and volunteer work crews when feasible, our community and faith-based groups and individuals, all providing financial and moral support and who walk this journey alongside Habitat. Thank you supporters, volunteers, staff and our Board of Trustees. You have all been wonderful ambassadors for our mission of providing affordable housing and helping our neighbors during a very difficult time. You are all very special people and with a grateful heart, I thank you.

T. David Hinton

Board President

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