Easter Blessings

As we anticipate some light at the end of the dark tunnel of the pandemic, our Habitat family has been blessed during these tough times. Almost a year ago, we were faced with a situation that had many unknowns and many challenges. Our staff, our board, our volunteers and our supporters have all shown their resilience, their dedication, their selflessness and their humanity in continuing the mission to provide affordable housing in our community…where it is so difficult for many.

Our financial support group, donors and sponsors, have been very generous in your helping us weather this seemingly endless storm. The board of trustees rolled up their sleeves and helped with their treasure, their sweat, their knowledge and their eye on our mission. Our staff has been simply amazing. They have gone above and beyond their normal duties and kept our mission alive.

The construction staff, and a handful of volunteers, did not miss a beat. They continued to work, despite the pandemic, following the state-mandated protocols. Remarkably, they completed a home, built a home from start to finish and started a new home, which will be completed in early 2021.

Some Restore staff came back in late June to get the proper materials and procedures in place for our reopening in mid-July. The entire staff and our wonderful volunteers have brought the Restore back, with better sales numbers than before the pandemic thanks to the wonderful furniture donations.

We have been truly blessed with the unselfish efforts of all of you. This Easter and Passover season could not be a better time to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

As winter gives way to spring, so, too, do we transition to the 2021 Board of Trustees including Evangelia Papamarkou, President; Kim Stulb, Vice President; Dan Foglia, Secretary and David Hinton, Treasurer. New members to our Board include Ed Skirde, Grace Lempka, Brian Waldron, Cathy Williams and Randi Zamkotowicz. They will join Barry Fisher, Robin Ginsburg, Gwendolyn Love, Gerry Scharfenberger all of whom have been tireless in their support, especially during this last year.

We also give special thanks to our retiring board members, Jane Buckiewicz, Greg Robinson and James Wishbow for their unwavering and generous support, not only during this past year, but for their many years of supporting our mission.

Thank you so very much and may our Lord’s blessing continue to enrich your lives and keep us all safe as we continue our mission to help our community provide affordable housing for families in Monmouth County.


Lia Papamarkou, President

David Hinton, Past President

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