Join Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County in making this holiday season special for deserving families.

Bringing Harmony Home

Music has the unique power to evoke memories, foster connections, and, most importantly, build bridges between communities. This festive season, Habitat for Humanity Monmouth County (HFHMC) & Musicians on a Mission (MOAM) are joining forces to remind everyone of the comfort, warmth, and sanctuary a safe home provides. Help HFHMC bring more deserving families homes not just for the holidays, but all year round!

Here’s how you can join in:

Record a session from your favorite spot, capturing the essence of a safe, comforting home, and submit your performance to, with your completed registration form. Your video will provide the content for weekly online giving campaign posts, encouraging supporters to learn more about HFHMC’s mission and impact on Monmouth County. Through these platforms, HFHMC can connect to new supporters.

Step 1: Choose a favorite spot that captures the essence of ‘home’ for you. It could be your living room, bedroom, a cherished spot in your community, or anywhere that resonates with the theme of ‘home for the holidays’. Choose a time with minimal background noise, ensure proper lighting, and position your phone close for optimal recording quality when capturing your video. 

Step 2: Record a musical session (3 songs or approximately 15-20 minutes) from this special place. During the video, include a personal message or reflection about what ‘home for the holidays’ means to you. Remember, the more heartfelt and authentic your message, the more impact it can make!

Step 3: Submit your performance to to become part of our series. By joining, you get a chance to have your musical session showcased on the social media channels of both Habitat and Musicians on a Mission throughout the festive season. This collaboration doesn’t just spotlight your music; it can also pave the way for future features.