Supporting Habitat for Humanity’s mission through creativity, compassion, and community.

Creativity has the unique ability to bridge divides, ignite the collective imagination, and foster profound relationships. At Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County, our mission extends beyond constructing houses.

As artists, writers, poets, and visionaries, your distinct talents and perspectives have the potential to touch hearts and amplify our outreach even further. Come together with us this holiday season to bring joy and stability to Monmouth County families by joining our ‘Homes for the Holidays’ giving campaign.

Join Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County in making this holiday season special for deserving families.

Partnership Events

Guy T. Hembling Art Sale is open through the holidays

Thank you to all who attended the Open Studio on 12/10/23.The sale continues through January 15. Please contact Mr. Hembling on (732) 233-7731 or to view the paintings.

The Social Writerly “Home for Holidays” Master Classes
Book collaboration with Jessica Varian Carroll & Jennifer Tuma-Young

Some ideas for collaboration:

  • Allocate a portion of your sales during a designated time frame, which we will jointly promote, converting artistic endeavors into homes and hope.
  • Organize workshops, showcases, readings, or auctions, leveraging your platform to generate funds and elevate awareness for our cause.
  • Feature a unique piece, limited edition print, or literary work, matching the proceeds or a fraction towards our shared mission.
  • Curate a limited-edition collection influenced by our purpose, with a percentage of the proceeds directly supporting our projects.

We are receptive to any collaborative ideas you may have. Together, through creativity and commitment, we can craft a mosaic of community, compassion, and hope. Let’s transform spaces, homes, and lives, one artwork, one word, one moment at a time.

Please contact Marie Weimer if you have any questions: